Annual Car Accidents in the USA


Car Accidents in the USA


Car accidents – any one of us with a license to drive has had at least one in our lifetime. And sadly, every one of us knows at least one person who has lost their life to a crash in an automobile.


We are just days into the year 2017, but five years ago in the year 2012, 92 individuals per day lost their life here in the United States (on average), in 30,800 deadly crashes throughout the whole year. And while the number of deaths of those behind the wheel (or in the vehicle in general) have declined steadily over the last two decades, we would still prefer to see no one have to lose their life while driving.


So how can licensed drivers protect themselves and those riding in the vehicle with them? The most important thing to remember when driving is to NEVER drive while impaired. That means do not drink and drive, ever!

And not only would a driver not want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having been out drinking, he or she would also want to think twice about operating an automobile when sleep deprived. Drowsy driving contributes to up to 30 percent of crashes, so if you have not received an adequate amount of sleep, consider having someone drive you or stay home.


Another way for a driver to stay as safe as possible when operating a vehicle is to practice defensive driving. You may be a great driver, but not everyone is paying attention. Do not just always trust others to do the right thing. Be on your guard, and you’re reaction time will be better than if you are not watching the world around you.


Car accidents are common, and it’s fortunate when everyone involved in one makes it out with their life. Be a factor in causing the decline in car accidents, especially fatal ones, today.


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